Add Whatsapp for Business as new customer support channel!

Offering Whatsapp as a communcation channel is fundamental for any type of business. Get started now!


Whatsapp interactions are shown under the XCALLY Motion Open Channel section and can be filtered by tag, status, account, date, agent. Each time a new Whatsapp message incomes, agents will be notified according to the routing conditions set by the administrator. Several actions can be added in the routing configuration, like autoreply, bots, queues or single agents.


For each interaction, agents can get the customer details, interaction details and Customer Journey across all channels. They can easily and quickly send messages using canned answers, emojis and attachments.
Finally the interaction can be closed and disposed to describe the outcome and share it with supervisors and other agents.


This way you can deliver more efficient customer service!

The XCALLY - Whatsapp integration has been developed for Twilio and Infobip providers. For additional information contact us here!