Xenialab S.r.l., an industry leader in innovative customer experience solutions, is pleased to announce its corporate name change to XCALLY S.r.l. This transformation marks a new chapter in the company's history of renewing itself to go beyond the boundaries of customer experience and and offer increasingly advanced and cutting-edge technological solutions.

The move to XCALLY S.r.l. is anatural evolution for the team, which wants to consolidate its position in the market and continue to offer high-level solutions to improve the interaction between companies and their customers. The new name reflects the company's strategic orientation toward innovation, quality and excellence in customer experience.

"This transformation into XCALLY S.r.l. represents a significant step in our growth as a company.", stated the CEO of XCALLY S.r.l., Christian Orlandi "We pride ourselves on offering innovative and customized solutions to enhance the customer experience. Our main goal is to exceed partners' expectations and help them build lasting relationships with their customers. Our new name reflects our ongoing commitment to excellence and industry leadership.".

Importantly, this change of company name does not involve any changes in the internal structure or management of the company. XCALLY S.r.l. will continue to offer its customers the same advanced solutions, expertise and partner focus that have made Xenialab S.r.l. a benchmark.

"The transformation of Xenialab into XCALLY represents a moment of great excitement and opportunity for us." says Marco Durante, president of XCALLY S.r.l. "With this corporate name change, we are redefining our identity and our commitment to the customer experience. XCALLY symbolizes our evolution as a company, our commitment to innovation and our determination to exceed partners' expectations.".

XCALLY S.r.l. will continue to develop and implement cutting-edge solutions, such as its omnichannel suite for contact centers, which integrates voice, chat, email and social media capabilities. The company is committed to supporting its partners in delivering extraordinary customer journeys to its customers, streamlining operations and improving overall satisfaction.