Within contact centers, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure a certain level of autonomy for various operators and the ability to manage customer interactions in the best possible way, controlling call queue traffic and reducing waiting times. The goal is to offer a more efficient and satisfying customer service that meets consumers' needs and provides a better customer experience.

Managing call queues and reducing wait times

Reducing wait times is crucial for companies aiming to offer more effective, timely customer service tailored to meet their consumers' needs. Smoother queue management allows for optimized resources, quicker and more prompt responses, reduced idle times, and keeping available operators always active.

How to Implement a Call Queue Management Service?

To successfully implement a call queue and traffic management service, a company must have qualified personnel and appropriate technologies. XCALLY, an omnichannel software for contact centers, helps companies enhance their customer service and improve customer experience. The Queue Manager add-on enables the implementation of features related to operator autonomy and call queue management, making XCALLY even more effective and efficient for organizations.

Queue Manager: the call management service for Customer Care

Queue Manager, a plugin installable on XCALLY servers, allows operators to choose which call queue/phone service to log into. The agent will have more autonomy in managing outbound and inbound campaigns, also simplifying the work of the supervisor and administrator, who will only have to manage access rules to the services.

The customer experience will be more meaningful as there will be better call queue traffic management, and specific access rules can be set, also simplifying the management of agents for the fulfillment of individual tasks. The benefits for companies are numerous:

  • Management of agents based on the current status of call queue/service traffic.
  • Agent autonomy in managing outbound and inbound campaigns.
  • Setting access rules for call queues/services.
  • Better call queue/service traffic management for an improved customer experience.