XCP Certified Professional Training and certification

XCP training and certification is designed for Customer Care administrators, ICT engineers, IP telephony and IP network engineers who want to deepen the knowledge of advanced modules and configurations of XCALLY Motion.

1.Take the Course
The duration of the course is 2 days and the prerequisite is XCA Certification

The course will provide you guidelines and examples of advanced XCALLY features and configurations:
Scalability guidelines -> Kamailio
HA and DR Overview
Designing IVR - best practices & examples -> Advanced queue options, like exitwithkey or the queue_variables
Voice recordings backup
Advanced database and analytics: table columns and relations explanation
Contexts -> The use of the out/prefix to run on different contexts
Openchannel integrations and custom/external service example
API examples
Work with Vidaoo to manage Video channel on XCALLY

3. Earn your XCP Certificate

At the end of the course you get the XCALLY XCP certification if you successfully pass the written exam.

Duration: 16 and 17 November
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