Automate your outbound campaigns!

Motion Bull is an automated outbound dialer that helps you to increase productivity and maximise the Agents talk time thanks to the Preview, Power, Progressive or Predictive dialing.

Your agent will no more waste time manually dialing numbers and waiting for an answer!

The Dialer can be used for several kind of applications, like Call Back applications, Booking reminders, Automatic Surveys, Tele-selling, Telemarketing and more…


The dialer generates calls from the lists you have imported in Motion. You set a Queue campaign if you would like to put your customers in touch with an operator, or a IVR campaign if you would like to do a survey or just playback a message.

There are several approaches to outbound dialing, let’s see them:

The number of generated calls is based on prediction of how many agents will be available at the time when calls pass the dialer and on the estimated success rate of reaching the called party.
The dialer will generate one call as soon as there is an available agent in the queue. This method avoids the risk of abandoned calls.
Calls are generated according to the calls-to-agent ratio that you can manually set.
The dialer selects a customer record from a call list and proposes this call to an agent, who can accept it and start the call or refuse it.

The Motion Bull Dialer is included the XCALLY Dialer-gold and Ultimate Plans!
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