The XCALLY Scripting tool

JScripty is an easy to use and dynamic agent scripting tool. A call script is really helpful for agents to handle contacts. It shows to agents a series of questions and responses, based on the flow of the conversation with customer. JScripty can be used for designing scripts to manage customer support, customer satisfaction survey and so many more.


A contact center mainly focuses on customer satisfaction, which is directly related to agents efficiency. But the complex working environment of a call center makes it difficult for agents to be efficient. Hence, it is imperative to provide agents all the necessary tools to successfully manage customer interactions. One of the best solutions is to provide them a well-designed script that will guide them through the complex multi-channel customer care system.


By using Jscripty, the administrator with a complete knowledge of the entire system can easily create a script flow by taking into consideration the possible branching conversations. Designed scripts can also be quickly adjusted and published for agents, according the evolution of the services provided by the contact center.

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