xCALLY Zendesk: enhanced integration

One of the first improvement is related to the powerful Asterisk – Zendesk integration, providing xCALLY as the main product for call center software seamless ticketing and case management voice integration.

The new xCALLY integration allows your customer care to manage professional Asterisk call center solutions with a seamless and complete integration with a customer care leader solution, like Zendesk. Auto-Generated Tickets with private call center informations, customer classification, drag and drop IVR integration and more… are just few of the new features available!

The new xCALLY – Zendesk integration provides some cool benefits:

zendesk asterisk performancesEnhanced performances: the Zendesk ticket is automatically presented to the call center agent, using the new xCALLY Shuttle  powerful API using the Shuttle Push Technology

asterisk call center security ticketPrivate comment support: the inbound calls (or predictive outbound calls) generate new ticket options able to automatic fill a private section of the ticket. A great new feature allowing for example to display the xCALLY recorded calls, customer classifications or even the IVR parameters, according to a private mode.
Private comments are useful when you want to discuss the information about the ticket internally with your team, but you don’t want to share those information with the customer

asterisk zendesk xcally


asterisk zendesk ticket custom fieldsCustom field management: the xCALLY API allows you to populate the Zendesk custom fields when the calls come up, so to collect more specific information about the calls in your tickets.

xcally zendesk tagTag support: each xCALLY call is now identified by a specific Tag, so you will be able to search the ticket related to your call center voice calls.

asterisk zendesk setup xcallySimple setup: using the new xCALLY API, you just need your Zendesk API Key in order to activate the integration. No more complex plugin setup is needed on your call center computers.

ivr zendeskIVR integration: the xCALLY drag and drop IVR (Cally Square) can easily collect specific variables during the live calls. I.e. the customer IVR branch choices, some external data base information, like order numbers, customer codes, customer preferences, and many other parameters. The Cally Square IVR parameters can be passed to the new Zendesk ticket creation process, so to automatic link the IVR parameters to the auto-generated tickets.

zendesk voice xcally asteriskHigh Voice Quality: xCALLY uses the latest Asterisk releases, providing you the best voice quality available in your country. The solution can be provided on a cloud data center or event on premises, according to your best performance preferences.

Cally Square: Asterisk IVR – Zendesk integration

Here it is an example of simple IVR parameter just forwarded and linked to the new Zendesk auto-generated ticket.

zendesk ivr asterisk xcally

The IVR setup is totally drag and drop allowing you to design simple or very complex Asterisk IVR for you call center software. Starting from simple auto-attendant, you can design event driven voice applications, integrated with external data bases or web services. On the above picture you get the auto-generated Zendesk ticket with IVR_Value: 3. It’s just a simple example of the powerful IVR ticketing integration you can accomplish.

Imagine for example an IVR asking to the customer its purchasing number in order to provide the order tracking: you could get the order number inside the Zendesk ticket related to the customer call!

Customer classification is another example: driving through the IVR selections, the customer could provide you several kind of information related to him/her. “If you are interested in the product A, please press 1, if you are interested in to know more about the service B, please press 2, if you are already our customer please press 3, if you are one of our top business customers please enter the priority code“: the customer choices could be processed into an IVR_Value by Cally Square, routed to the xCALLY agent… and finally proposed with a New Zendesk Ticket with the IVR_Value auto-filled!

asterisk ivr

The xCALLY Zendesk integration is available on all the xCALLY plans.

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