We close the gap through technology to evolve your caring model and bring you even closer to your customers.

XCALLY s.r.l.

Registered and Operating office: Via I Maggio 13, 20037 Paderno Dugnano (MI)                                      
VAT no. 09668910012 Share capital € 200.000 iv

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Customer Experience with XCALLY

  • Simple, practical and intuitive interface

  • Scalability and growth based on business needs

  • AI-driven solution

  • No technical software maintenance required

  • High customization of reports and dashboards

  • Support service

  • Limitless integrations with other technologies

  • Versatile and quickly deployable software

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XCALLY is the AI-driven omnichannel software which allows companies to manage the relationship with customers in a simple and effective way through all channels.

One platform for managing all channels







"XCALLY is a great solution for our business. It helps to track our customers desires and feedbacks in realtime. Thus we improve customers experience easily and efficiently. We have raise customer satisfaction and have increase the number of new customers and retain the old ones."


Powerful. Intuitive. Customized.

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