xCALLY – Salesforce Desk Integration

The xCALLY – Desk Integration ensures a proper Case will be displayed on the agent Desk Interface, every time a call incomes in one of the Triggered XCALLY Queues, so to improve the CTI Agent experience.

In the new Embedded integration the Case is opened and shown to the Agent on the same opened TAB; the Agent can also manage calls using a phone embedded on the Desk.com interface.

The Case contains the main information about the Caller, the Agent, the Call itself (like the Recording link, if the recording is enabled) and also the Custom Fields and Custom Variables, to show useful information to the Agents, and the Tags.

The integration it’s easy to configure: you have just to provide a valid Desk Admin account, decide the Queue and the event generating the Case (up, hang up, ringing, unmanaged call…).

It also works for the Outbound calls performed by the Agents.


Please do not hesitate to contact our team for further information and to request the xCALLY – Desk Integration full guide!