XCALLY - Freshsales integration

XCALLY MOTION provides the integration with Freshsales, the CRM solution by Freshworks. One of the Freshsales most important elements are the Activities - tickets created to manage and monitor requests coming from customers.
The integration creates an Activity object in Freshsales when the agent manages a call using XCALLY, according to conditions set by the Administrator.
This will improve agent experience!

Configuration steps

The integration is easy to configure in the XCALLY Motion admin section:

1. Create the integration account, inserting the details of your Freshsales Administrator Account.
2. Create a configuration for the account, to design the content that will be shown in the Freshsales Activity.
3. Create a trigger to define when the integration works (for example for Queue Sales calls, when call are answered).

The Result

Your agents, logged both in Freshsales and in XCALLY Motion, will get the Freshsales Activity automatically created and assigned for each outgoing/incoming call, when the trigger conditions are met.


The integration will be soon included in all the XCALLY Plans! Contact us to discover more!