Why We Love Omnichannel (And You Should, Too!)

The key to an effective customer service is focusing on the channels where your customers are. 

Know your customers and let them interact with you across their favorite channels!

Today customers expect to communicate with companies, to solve an issue or simply to get information about a product, using different channels and devices.

For example they may contact you by e-mail, then on socials and finally they may call to talk with an operator, which needs to know all the previous interactions the customer had, in order to avoid the repetition of information and frustration.

Omnichannel is a great opportunity to improve your customer experience, if you collect information from different channels as a unique interaction.

Voice, E-mail, Web Chat, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms…Yeah, you may think that today there are too many channels… and you will need a lot of time and resources to handle them.

Don’t worry!

You can manage all your customers Interactions and keep track of the Customer Journey on a unique system, using the powerful XCALLY Omnichannel Call center solution and Open Channel API!

In addition to the already available modules (Voice, Web Chat, E-mail, FAX, SMS) you can add as many channels as you need in just few steps, thanks to the powerful Open Channel tool.

Your Agents will be able to easily manage all of them inside a single Omni channel Desktop interface.

Please do not hesitate to contact our passionate Team for more information!

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