Web Call Center Multichannels

Top news: xCALLY is now also available using WebRTC telephone bar for contact center agents!
The WebRTC call center CTI phone bar allows your call center agents to connect the XCALLY Shuttle engine using Google Chrome on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux etc…) and benefits from the native xCALLY integration with 3rd party applications like Zendesk, SugarCRM, Salesforce or even your custom app.

Our mission is to keep our call center software simple and powerful for everyone and everywhere…

Stay tuned with us and contact us to try the last releases…

The Web Call Engagement Widget is developed especially for for the Asterisk Call Center and 3rd party CTI software.
It allows to your contact center agents to manage all their multi-channel interactions from the xCALLY Shuttle Web Dashboard: voice over web, chat, email notification and soon available many other social connectors.

xCALLY WebRTC is the simple and effective Channel, providing a Unified Agent Desktop experience to your agents, and a real multichannel experience to your customers.

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