The Application paradigm for CTI

Why xCALLY provides a phone bar CTI client to be installed on your Desktop?

Today, some of the Customer Care tools are struggling to offer a complete Web solution, integrating the Voice over IP phone client inside your browser.
Also XCALLY can provide a simple web phone, however the concept behind XCALLY is beyond the pure Web concept.
We have build a Desktop Application for the contact center agent, so to provide a key benefit: using XCALLY together with all the other applications you want to launch and use on your computer!


The XCALLY phone bar has been designed so to be always available on top of your desktop, while the other applications can easily be launched and used simultaneously.
Few example:

1. You can use the XCALLY phone bar together with a Spreadsheet or a Word processor application, seamlessly!


2. Use the XCALLY phone bar – managing all the inbound and outbound multi-channel calls, chat etc… – while you are connected to your ERP or customized application on a Remote Desktop session.


3. Bring up your customized CRM web application, your ticketing system or ERP, and keep on using the XCALLY phone bar to manage your calls!


Those are just few examples showing the benefits in using the XCALLY phone bar: the easy of use and the possibility to share XCALLY with all your desktop applications is the main reason we are committed on the XCALLY client continuous development and improvement according to the Application Paradigm.
Having a pure Web solution would not be so flexible, the other applications would be extremely difficult to manage and you would probably be tied to some specific CRM, ERP or Ticketing tool, with few chances to use further applications together and seamlessly.

xCALLY Shuttle provides a seamless CTI integration with SugarCRM, a customer relationship management system which includes sales-force automation, marketing campaigns, customer support, collaboration, Mobile CRM, Social CRM and reporting. Thanks to the push technology, this integration creates automatic SugarCRM Calls each time an Agent receive a call.