Contact center software and CRM. How do they integrate?
May 18
Contact Center Software is a multichannel software solution for managing customer interactions, while CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a system for monitoring and managing these relationships. Both are important for companies that want to provide high-quality […]
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Using Sentiment Analysis to improve Customer Care.
April 20
When we talk about customer care, customer satisfaction is essential. Sentiment Analysis, is an Artificial Intelligence-based technology that is revolutionizing the way call centers interact with users. In this article, we will explore how Sentiment Analysis […]
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Data Retention: The New XCALLY Add-On
April 18
Data management is a crucial aspect for any business, as accurate cataloging and retention of information is essential for smooth operations. It is important to ensure data is stored securely and backed up effectively to avoid […]
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XCALLY Queue Manager: the plugin that improves the customer experience
April 4
Within contact centers, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure a certain level of autonomy for various operators and the ability to manage customer interactions in the best possible way, controlling call queue traffic and reducing […]
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What is Workforce Management and How Does it Work?
March 31
What is workforce management? Workforce Management (or Work Force Management or WFM) is a set of processes and strategies used by companies to manage personnel and workforce-related activities. In general, WFM aims to maximize the efficiency, […]
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Availability app: the new XCALLY add-on
March 28
The availability of a 24/7 phone service has become a necessity for many companies that aim to provide high-quality customer service, especially for customer service-related services. What is 24/7 availability and why is it important for […]
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