AI machine learning

Revolutionizing online experiences with a Recommendation System
May 29
As the digital world continues to expand, the need for personalized experiences becomes increasingly important. Recommendation systems, have emerged as a powerful tool for providing users with tailored suggestions based on their preferences, habits and interests. […]
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Using Sentiment Analysis to improve Customer Care.
April 20
When we talk about customer care, customer satisfaction is essential. Sentiment Analysis, is an Artificial Intelligence-based technology that is revolutionizing the way call centers interact with users. In this article, we will explore how Sentiment Analysis […]
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The Autoguidovie Case Study for customer service management
April 4
Who is Autoguidovie Founded in 1908 thanks to the vision of its founder, engineer Alberto Laviosa, Autoguidovie is today among the ten most important companies in the local public transport sector in Italy . What has […]
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Deploying Conversational AI to improve Lead management with XCALLY and Dialogflow
April 30
Scenario The Spanish Colabora Company has chosen the XCALLY Partner Inicia Soluciones in order to setup a marketing outbound campaign to improve lead management and increase the sale funnel conversions of its surveillance and alarm systems. […]
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XCALLY Motion for Tahya Misr, fundraising entity in Egypt
April 29
Project goals Tahya Misr is a growing and vibrant fundraising entity whose goal is to help Egyptian citizen in several sectors. During this COVID-19 crisis, Tahya Misr took the decision to aid people in Egypt - […]
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XCALLY and Microsoft Teams teaming up
April 29
Scenario One of Inicia Soluciones customers recently had the need of a unified telephony environment for both the company and Call Center. This company uses Microsoft Teams in a corporate way but required for their environment […]
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