Conversational AI

A new trend for the AI market.

The ability to have a man to machine natural conversation is one of the most fascinating aspects of recent years, as well as one of the most interesting goals in the field of artificial intelligence.

It should be noted that Conversational AI is applicable to many other specific vertical sectors, where the adoption of Narrow AI techniques is more effective than Generalized AI.

One of these is represented by the universe of virtual assistants for customer care. Until some time ago a prerogative of Chat-Bot, today much more articulated solutions are growing on the market allowing you to interact with customers through voice conversations (AKA VoiceBot) and more generally omni-channel conversations. They make use of virtual assistants, often alongside a human contact center operator. All this is possible thanks to the evolution of Natural Language Processing (AKA s NLP) and the latest Machine Learning techniques!

Today we are used to dial the toll-free number of our bank, navigating through complex voice menus asking us to type 1 if we are already customers, 2 if we are not. In case we are customers, we are asked to enter our customer code… And so on! At the end of an exhausting sequence of menus and various submenus, we often struggle to talk to an operator and, if we succeed, we usually spend a lot of time trying to explain our problem.

Things are getting different: we will always call the toll-free number of our bank, however on the other side of the line there will be a conversational assistant with whom we will talk quite naturally without complex codes to type and illustrating our need, which will be taken care of much more effectively!

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