“We chose XCALLY as our communications partner because we shared a vision of the future which recognizes that contact centers need to be able to integrate multiple business processes to multiple communications channels. We continue to be impressed with the way XCALLY has architected its solution to be easy to use as new business applications are introduced.”

Gary Pudles – AnswerNet’s President – USA



“The flexibility of xCALLY has allowed us to design, build, and implement a custom call center platform that enables our employees to provide a unique customer experience. We were able to complete this project without hiring expensive outside consultants or programmers which greatly reduced our overall project cost.”

Jonathan Meade – CIO – West End Bank, S.B. – USA



“We have been impressed by the xCALLY shuttle versatility and it’s responsive interface. Furthermore, the integration with Zendesk is very simple and straight forward allowing us to provide the high level of customer service required for our clients.”

James Prior – Head of IT – Portr Limited – UK


zalora logo

“We were particularly impressed with the speed of deployment, and flexibility of the solution. The new IVR gives us the ability to query our database and play back mesages to the customer, informing them of the current status of their order, reducing our call volumes. It has also improved our reporting, giving us better visibilty on our data.”

Rostin Javadi, ZALORA Malaysia Managing Director – Singapore


hello fresh logo

“xCALLY has improved our Customer Care workflow beyond recognition. We’ve found the support around establishment and ongoing issues to be helpful and timely and this has allowed us to transition to a sophisticated solution with very little fuss.”

Tom Rutledge Founder & Managing Director Hello Fresh Australia



“Overall this case have been a success story! The XCALLY API allowed our team to perform a full integration and add new features between the XCALLY customer care agent software and the Oracle RightNow solution. This have allowed us to provide a seamless integration that is presented in one easy view for the end-users.”

Jens Leijon Operations Leader and Founder of Connectel – Sweden



“We have been impressed by the xCALLY User Experience here at Cortes54. The solution perfectly suites with our ecommerce business model, helping us to offer fast and effective services to our customers. xCALLY turns to be a flexible solution: we are able to benefit from their multi-skill and multi-campaign features along with our distributed contact center, using both the flat rate and pay per use model…”

G.Minacci – Cortes54 General Manager – Italy


Using xCALLY, our customer care agents can manage the multichannel inbound and automatic outbound calls, benefits from a powerful and simple user experience. Furthermore, all agents and campaigns can be managed with exceptional ease from the intuitive GUI xCALLY provides to power the powerful backend that allows for thousands of simultaneous calls. This is what the Call Center Industry has been wanting for years and finally a scalable, easy to use and infinitely expandable platform is available”

William McCarthy, CEO of Cloud Systems International, Inc. – USA


“It was a tremendous opportunity for the team of 5 fully-employed masters of business administration students to work closely with the seasoned executives of Xenialab to explore options for the company to enter the U.S. market with their flagship contact center software suite, XCALLY. This field study resulted in 204 primary market interviews of potential customers, industry experts, partners and competitors, by the students, and was helpful in setting strategic and tactical goals for the company, while developing close working international relationships and providing a powerful learning experience for the students. We are excited to see Xenialab introduce XCALLY to the North American market.”

Professor Jonathan Lasch, faculty advisor for the GAP program at the UCLA Anderson School of Management


“After working closely with Xenialab over the past several months I’ve been extremely impressed with their technical expertise, innovative ideas, and most of all the open and collaborative philosophy that Xenialab exemplifies.”

Zac Wolfe – Safi Systems LLC Co-Founder – USA


digium xcally call centers

“The seamless xCALLY/Digium Gateway integration is also beneficial in terms of management and scalability, especially for customers looking to protect their investments by steady, systematic growth. “

Digium – xCALLY becomes Global Call Center solution