XCALLY AnswerNet Case study

AnswerNet, a leading provider of contact center and telemessaging services in the USA and Canada, successfully deployed a fully distributed solution using the XCALLY SHUTTLE and MOTION technologies in more than 25 sites throughout North America. “We continue to be impressed with the way XCALLY has architected its solution to be easy to use as new business applications are introduced” said Gary Pudles, AnswerNet’s President.


xcally HA telium

XCALLY and Telium certify solution compatibility

“When combining Xenialab’s XCALLY with Telium’s HAAst customers can create a resilient telephony environment which can detect a wide range of problems on one XCALLY server and automatically transfer control to another operating in the same data center or in another city.”


Connectel provides solutions between xCALLY and Oracle

“Overall this case have been a success story! The XCALLY API allowed our team to perform a full integration and add new features between the XCALLY customer care agent software and the Oracle RightNow solution. This have allowed us to provide a seamless integration that is presented in one easy view for the end-users.”


xCALLY Shuttle – Digium

“Switching xCALLY call centers to Digium high definition IP phones proved to be essential to Xenialab’s 2014 launch of xCALLY Shuttle, their new Asterisk-based Customer Care software. Now operators have more Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), that is, more power for controlling their phones with their computers, while Digium phones are instrumental in the new Unified Agent Desktop (UAD) capability, which gives Customer Care agents, team leaders, and supervisors a 3-way experience.”

zalora asterisk call center

xCally – Zalora Case history

“Deploying xCALLY is an interesting new development for us on the customer service front – Given the user-friendly interfaces and the variety of tools available to both agents and supervisors, we’re confident that the software can help us in increasing our operational efficiency,” commented Michele Ferrario, ZALORA Managing Director.


xCALLY – Digium

“xCALLY is a suite of applications custom-made for call center agents and supervisors to provide each agent position with a seamless multi-channel experience using a flexible and powerful onscreen phone bar. The xCALLY phone bar lets operators manage multiple tasks while interacting with the customer on the phone, e.g., they can Auto-answer, put calls on hold, transfer calls, and manage call-related tasks such as accessing CRM information and job tickets, which are tied to third-party applications.”


xCally – FixMyHut

“Using xCALLY, our customer care agents can manage the multichannel inbound and automatic outbound calls, benefits from a powerful and simple user experience. Furthermore, all agents and campaigns can be managed with exceptional ease from the intuitive GUI xCALLY provides to power the powerful backend that allows for thousands of simultaneous calls. This is what the Call Center Industry has been wanting for years and finally a scalable, easy to use and infinitely expandable platform is available”, said William McCarthy, CEO of Cloud Systems International, Inc.

Success stories - Microsoft for Business

Success stories – Microsoft for Business

Success Stories Microsoft for Business:

The best of Microsoft and open source in the Xenialab customer care platform

Xenialab’s established talent for development
of Mobile and Unified Collaboration
and Communication solutions in the open
source environment has led to success
of the company’s complex, innovative projects.
Unified communications systems produced
using the Asterisk engine are particularly
popular with businesses and public sector clients
in Italy. Xenialab’s customers are now asking
for Contact Center and Computer Telephony
Integration solutions which are easier to use
and more efficient in terms of…




xCALLY Call center USA

xCALLY Official Video

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