XCALLY MOTION – Develop your favorite customer service channel

The XCALLY MOTION Open Channel API is a powerful tool designed to develop your favorite customer service channel in your Contact Center.

Let’s see some examples!

Communication channels

Notify Agents of customers messages received from social media and custom channels.

The first step to improve Customer Satisfaction is giving customers the possibility to use their preferred channels and platforms to reach your Contact Center and solve their issues.

Facebook, Twitter, Telegram… these are some examples of channels that you can configure using Open Channel.

All the messages received can be managed by your Contact Center Operators in the XCALLY Motion web Omni channel interface, in the same way they manage E-mail or SMS interactions!

IoT notification channels

Notify Agents of data received from devices, systems and sensors.

IoT (Internet of Things) can be considered as a great channel to provide information from devices to Agents.

Using Open Channel you have the possibility to build, in your Contact Center, a IoT notification service!

When the Open Channel account detects a message, coming from the configured device, it sends that message to the Agent, that can elaborate it and acting properly.

How the Open Channel works

We provide you all the necessary tools to receive and send messages. All you need to do is implement a simple web service to exchange messages between the XCALLY Motion server and your favorite channel.

Please note that basic programming language knowledge is required.

You can use any programming language you prefer to develop the web service or refer to our Professional Team, always ready to help you improving your Contact Center!