Real Time Monitoring

Use the Realtime panels to monitor your Agent’s performances and to make dynamical changes in case of urgency needs

While agents are handling calls, supervisors and administrators can monitor the customer care, to ensure high-quality customer service. The embedded Asynchronous technology is able to guarantee the best user experience and quality performances.

Due to the importance of Call Center Real Time Monitoring, the XCALLY Multichannel Call Center solution offers:

Real Time Dashboards, which shows, for each configured channel, a quick overview of call center statistics about agents, queues and interactions, and Custom Dashboards that can be designed according to specific customer care needs

Real Time sections, for each configured channel, to monitor deeply Interactions, Agents (managing their pause status), Queues, Trunks and Dial Plans.

– an Asterisk ChanSpy section, to define how the supervisor can listen to calls or whisper into conversations.


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