Multichannel Call Center & Open Channel API

Enojy Voice, SMS, Web Chat, E-mail, Fax and Social Channels on the same Multichannel Customer Care unified solution!

Multichannel Customer Care

Manage all your Customers Interaction and keep track of their Customer Journey on a unique system, using the powerful XCALLY Multichannel Customer Care solution!

The key to an effective customer service is focusing on the channels where your customers are. Know your customers and let them interact with you using their favourite channel!

Omnichannel Call Center

Voice, E-mail, Web Chat, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms…Yeah, you may think that today there are too many channels… and you will need a lot of time and resources to manage them.

Don’t worry!

XCALLY Motion Open Channel is a powerful tool to develop your favorite channel in just few steps. You will be able to easily manage your customer interactions through any channel inside a single Omni channel Desktop interface.

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