Discover the new Motion Agent Experience!

Everything your Agents need
in a clean and intuitive web interface!

Agents can immediately start to manage interactions from different channels thanks to the ease of use.
No need to spend a lot of time and for training.


Agents can access to the assigned Lists of the Contacts manager, a light CRM that useful to effectively handle interactions with customers. Agents can easily retrieve contact information, track their activities and quickly call them or start a dynamic script, for example for Customer Satisfaction.

The new web interface helps Agents to better interact with customers and solve their issues, since it provides a lot of useful data on the same screen!


For each interaction, the Agent can immediately see:




Agents can handle calls through different ways, thanks to:

- the CTI Windows application XCALLY Phonebar (softphone)


- the WebRTC, available in the Motion Agent web interface

- external SIP standard phones or softphones

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