Introducing Motion Bull Dialer

Upload your Contact lists and run your campaings through our new and powerful Motion Bull Dialer!

Motion Bull Dialer can be used for several kinds of applications, like:

  • Call Back applications
  • Booking reminders
  • Automatic Surveys
  • Tele-selling and Telemarketing
  • Tele-alarms
  • Political campaigns

Your Agents won’t waste time manually dialing numbers and waiting for call answers, Motion Bull will do this for them: that means reduced errors and increased talk time!

Choose the dialing method according to your workflow and start improving your performances now!

  • Progressive: Motion Bull automatically dials the next contact number as soon as an Agent is ready to manage a new call.
  • Power: it’s similar to progressive dialing, but calls are generated according to a defined power level.
  • Predictive: calls are generated by the Bull predictive algorithm. The aim is to predict when agents will be available to manage new calls and, at the same tame, have new connected calls, answered by people, ready for them.
  • Preview (coming soon!): agents can view the contacts information before managing the call, to serve customers more efficiently.

Discover the main Motion Bull benefits:

  • user friendly web GUI for Queue/IVR campaigns configuration and realtime monitoring
  • easy import of your lists in the Contacts Manager module

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