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xCALLY is integrated with the powerful Cloud Ticketing Management Solution offered by Zendesk.
The XCALLY – ZENDESK integration offers:

1. Inbound and outbound calls, routed to your xCALLY Contact Center, will create an automatic new Tickets on Zendesk, and an automatic Internet Explorer or Google Chrome PoP-up, showing the ticket to the call center agent for immediate elaboration.


2. If the calling customer number is identified, the new generated Ticket will be automatically associated to the customer.


3. If the calling customer number is totally unknown (not present in the Zendesk customer list) the New Ticket will be opened by XCALLY, and the call center agent will be able to assign that phone number to the customer name, so to be recognized during the next phone calls.


4. Optional Call Recording can be enabled per each call center campaign using xCALLY: the recorded calls will be added as a sound message file to the new automatically created Zendesk Ticket.


5. Call Transfer can be managed using XCALLY to escalate the calls to other agents or queues. Everything integrated with Zendesk.


xCALLY and Zendesk represents one of the best Service Desk and Trouble Ticketing Asterisk™ integration for customer care.

Using the xCALLY Web Interface, the Contact Center supervisors can easily configure multiple strategies, multiple Inbound and Outbound processes and even decide to perform the XCALLY – ZENDESK integration to open the screen pop-ups Before or After the call center agents answer the calls!


** xCALLY has been integrated with the new Zendesk web interface (Lotus GUI), using Internet Explorer 9.0 or above and Google Chrome 27.X or above, in order to maximize the agent experience.

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