Create IVRs that your customers will love!

The main role of IVRs is to quickly provide information and, only if needed, route customers to the most appropriate live Agents. However, if IVR are not properly designed, the result is the opposite: customers experience difficulties and frustration during the interaction, instead of finding information and solutions.

Usually IVRs ask Customers to insert the requested data (service, customer ID, order number…) using their phone keypad, but they can be difficult to navigate and hard to understand!
One way to improve Customer IVR experience is to accept input and responses via spoken words, thanks to voice recognition systems like Google Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).

Google ASR recognizes over 110 languages and converts spoken inputs into written text, that can be stored in the XCALLY channel variables with the related accuracy level.

The accuracy value is between 0 and 1; if greater than 0.8 means that the dictation has been correctly recognised.


Add now Google ASR in your Cally Square IVR projects to provide smart speech-enabled services, self-service solutions and improve customer experience and satisfaction!

This feature is available on XCALLY Motion V2 (from release 2.0.33)

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