XCALLY Motion Bull Dialer

Duration: 45 min + Q&A

You can join the webinar on

Wednesday, July 17
5 PM Rome time

Thursday, July 18
10 AM Rome time

Webinar Agenda

- What is Motion Bull?

- How Motion Bull dialer works?

- Queue Campaigns

Settings overview

Dialing methods

Examples (Use cases, preview, callback)

- IVR Campaigns

Settings overview

Examples (Surveys, reminders)

- Realtime


XCALLY is an innovative omnichannel solution to engage customers via voice, chat, email, SMS, fax and custom channels (like social media and instant communication apps) - all seamlessly in a unified and integrated platform! XCALLY is currently installed in over 50 countries thanks to its ease of setup and use. The intuitive web interface let your supervisors and agents to quickly learn how to use XCALLY, so they can focus on what really matters: customer satisfaction!

To help them reach that goal, we designed the contact management and customer journey sections where agents can find customers' details and previous interactions across all channels, an internal messenger chat to effectively collaborate to solve customers' issues, a canned answer tool to quickly answer questions and more! The realtime panels and dashboards, that can be customized, allow supervisors to monitor agents performance and make dynamic changes when needed. Supervisors can also perform call monitoring and recording services for quality assurance purpose.

The powerful outbound dialer - with predictive, progressive, power and preview dialing methods - will help you drive more sales and maximize agents' talk time with customers. Your agents will no more waste time manually dialing numbers and waiting for an answer!

XCALLY provides another crucial tool for your business: the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) designer. You can offer your self service apps, using also TTS and ASR technologies. Calls can be routed to the proper queues of agents in case your customers need more help.

Jscripty lets you design script flows that the agents can use during customer service operations. Customer satisfaction survey or marketing survey are an example of what you can do with this module.

Finally, pricing is very flexible (monthly, annual or lifetime licenses) and based on the number of seats of your call center. If you choose a monthly plan you can pay only the licenses and modules you really need!