Call center software for your e-commerce

Discover how XCALLY allows your e-commerce company to deliver the best customer support!

Let your customers use the channels they prefer

Email, SMS, Web Chat, Phone (Inbound & Outbound), Social media... customer interactions will be assigned to your agents/departments through smart routing settings and professional IVR projects.
Everything can be managed using the XCALLY user friendly solution: agents can handle messages and phone calls through the same web interface, accessing to customer details and customer journey to provide a personalized customer experience. In this way they can be more productive..


Modify XCALLY licensing whenever you need

E-commerce sector is rapidly growing in several industries due to the global covid pandemic. It's fundamental using a software which gives you the possibility to change the number of agents and enable/disable modules according to your needs.
XCALLY provides monthly licenses - based on the number of seats of your call center - that can be updated really easily. In this way you will pay only the licenses and modules you really need!

Offer immediate support and - when it's not possible - a good alternative

Provide immediate help to your customers is crucial. In case all agents are busy or not available, you can offer
- 24/7 self service apps via IVR and Bots to provide information about common questions like shipping fees, refund policy or about the order status.
- the possibility to fill a web chat form with their request: agents can contact them and already know the topic and will be ready to deliver the best help.
- the callback option: the customer will not waste time waiting on the queue and will be contacted automatically by the system as soon as possible.


Integrate XCALLY with several apps

XCALLY can be integrated with external CRMs, ticketing systems, database and custom back-office applications to connect all the useful data. Agents will have all the important information at their fingertips, with a considerable saving of time.

Monitor and analyze the quality of your support service

Realtime dashboards and historical reports will help you to analyze KPIs and data of the call center service.
Call Recording, whisper and barge in let your Supervisors to check the quality of calls and train agents.
Customer satisfaction rating can be requested after a call or a web chat or through an outbound IVR survey campaign.
You will have all the tools to continuously improve your customer support!


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