10 Reasons why you should use the XCALLY Phonebar

Mar 5, 2021 phonebar, xcally motion

We designed the XCALLY Phonebar to offer your Agents a powerful tool to work effectively.

Discover its main benefits:

1. Ease of use

No need to install external softphones and configure complex SIP settings: after inserting the XCALLY credentials, Agents are ready to start managing calls!

The Phonebar is intuitive, user-friendly and, furthermore, it’s available in several languages!

2. Flexibility

Hot desking: Call Center Agents can easily share the same seat in different time slots and/or move to different seats, maintaining their same account.

Home working: with a laptop and internet connection, Agents will get all the features they can have in the office.

3. Multi-skill

After login, Agents can move to multiple Pause status (Aftercall, Backoffice) with a single click! No need to insert codes, BLF or to do manual operations.

4. Smart Features

Click to Dial: the easy and powerful click to dial function improves Agent efficiency! It allows to immediately start a call for example from the Call History list or from the Agent presence panel.

Internal messenger: Agents can collaborate and quickly solve customer issues via internal chat.

Call Recording: it could be set as automatic or managed manually by the Agents.

Screen Recording: Agents can record their operations performed on the desktop while they are managing a voice call.

5. Value Added Pop-ups

Agents can get Pop-ups containing value added customer information (services, queue, custom fields, CRM data) and not only the basic caller details!

6. Omnichannel Integrated

With a simple click, the Phonebar will open the browser and login the Agent to his XCALLY Motion Omni desktop web interface. Here he/she can manage all the email, web chat, SMS, fax and social media interactions with customers!

7. CTI Best User Experience

Agents can use any other applications (web browsers, spreadsheets, editors, custom apps…) having the Phonebar auto-adapted on the top of the Desktop space.

The Phonebar is independent from underlying applications and can be integrated with any kind of Web or Windows application (like Zendesk, SugarCRM, Salesforce and many others).

8. Monitoring

Supervisor can monitor in Realtime the Agents’ activities on the Phonebar and get offline Reports based on the Agent KPI.

Supervisors can also use the Whisper and Barge-in feature for quality monitoring purposes.

9. Easy Update

Each time your Agents launch the Phonebar, they will be alerted if a new version is available.

10. API and Integrations

We provide a suite of Phonebar API you can use according to your needs.

The Phonebar is integrated with the Busylight.