asterisk call centerSIMPLE, POWERFUL and FLEXIBLE Asterisk customer care: be ready in few minutes!
High Quality: select the SIP Trunk providers or the PSTN providers you like the most in your countries!


“The flexibility of xCALLY has allowed us to design, build, and implement a custom call center platform that enables our employees to provide a unique customer experience. We were able to complete this project without hiring expensive outside consultants or programmers which greatly reduced our overall project cost.”

Jonathan Meade – CIO – West End Bank, S.B. – Web:

“We have been impressed by the xCALLY shuttle versatility and it’s responsive interface. Furthermore, the integration with Zendesk is very simple and straight forward allowing us to provide the high level of customer service required for our clients.”

James Prior – Head of IT – Portr Limited (UK) – Web:

The xCALLY suite is a complete multi channel solution for Inbound, Outbound and Blended Contact Centers. 

xCALLY is a turnkey Customer Care Suite solution, Responsive and Asyncronous software, integrated with the Asterisk™ Open Source PBX, with ATI API for integrations, WebRTC, Drag and Drop Asterisk IVR and more.

Available on a Virtual Machine or Dedicated Servers, along with different price models, based on perpetual licenses, monthly or annually service fee or a pure pay per use model.

xCALLY: the pure and genuine call center software. The Asterisk Omnichannel solution.

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Agent Desktop Phone Bar Powerful and Simple to use
Multiplatform: Windows, Apple, Linux softphone support
Multi-Language GUI: English, Portuguese, Korean, Italian
External SIP phone support for Agents
WebRTC unified agent desktop experience for Asterisk
Multichannel: voice, web voice, chat, sms, email ready
Blended outbound and Customer Satisfaction Index capabilities
Asynchronous Call Center Real Time Monitor
Optimized CTI for 3rd party software integration (CRM, TT, etc…)
Fast Provisioning both for server and clients
Pure software solution using HTML5, Node.js and Asterisk
Agent Phone bar automatic upgrade utility
Asterisk integrated, scalable and robust for your customer care
Asterisk Release Independent
Telco provider indipendent: use the carrier you prefer!
Powerful Reporting Analytics both Web and Mobile available
High level of customization for your Virtual call center
Drag and Drop IVR
Drag and Drop Scripting
Web Services API available for integrations
Quick and easy Technology Shifting from legacy solutions
Detailed Manuals for Agents and Supervisors
Full Professional Support


xCally Features - Asterisk call center software

xCALLY features include:

– Multi Queue management

– Multi Skill based routing

– CTI phone bar with a professional SIP client

– Agent Status management for Login, Logout, Pause, Backoffice Pause, After Call Working mode and more…

– Cally Square Visual Drag and Drop IVR totally Web HTML5 Based

– Automatic Outbound module for Power Dial, Progressive and Predictive algorithms

– Integrated Agent Screen Pop-ups

– Supervisor and Team Leader Web Manager GUI

– Whisper and Barge-in features

– Call Recording for Quality monitor

– Advanced OFFLINE and REAL TIME time reporting with CRADLE-TO-GRAVE call report

– Multi Channel integration with the Hand4Shake Web Calls and Facebook Calls

– Scalable Asyncronous Engine to support many agents and operations per second

– vTiger, SugarCRM and Custom CRM API for integration

– Zendesk Service Desk and Trouble Ticketing  seamless integration

– Salesforce CRM integration

– ITIL service strategy, design, transition, operation and continual service improvement methodology

– Live Chat integration

– Call Back API

– Virtual Hold

– Customer Satisfaction Index and Customer Survey

Native E1/T1 Digium Gateway integration

– Feature list


xCALLY Plans

xcally shuttle plans-10

Install xCALLY On Premises or on your preferred Hosting/Cloud solutions

Telco provider independent: use the carrier you prefer!

xCALLY Pricing

Perpetual, Annual or Monthly fees available. Contact us HERE for a QUOTE!


xCALLY Other Asterisk solutions
High customization level  
High flexibility  
Ease to use CTI  
Web Configurator  
Call Center Analytics  
Mobile Analytics and Monitor  
Mobile Call Center Client  
Agent and Admin Manuals  
Agent campaing monitor  
Multichannel ready (Mail/Sms/Fax)  
CRM ready integration  
Ticketing system integration  
Live Chat integration  
Client Fast Provisioning  
Web services API  
Drag and Drop Interview Script  
Asterisk release indipendent  
Integrated phone  
One day up and running  
Multiple address book  
Drag and Drop IVR Cally Square SHOP  



xcally brochure

xCally Shuttle Brochure

xCALLY Brochure Download >>

zendesk xcally integration

xCally – Zendesk Integration Brochure

xCALLY – ZENDESK brochure download >>


Asterisk™ is the World most widely adopted open source communication plaftorm, with:

– 86,000 registred community members

– 170 countries

– 2 Millions downloads annualy

– On more than 1 Million servers worldwide

– In use by most Fortune 500 companies


xCALLY brings key benefits to the Contact Center based on the Asterisk™ technology.

Read more about the xCALLY – Digium Gateway native integration here.


xCALLY è la soluzione chiavi in mano completa per il Tuo Contact Center Inbound e Outbound Professionale

Available on a Virtual Machine, Dedicated Servers, on premises or As a Service in the Cloud.

…il tuo Customer Care

Gestisce le logiche Multi-Campagna Inbound, Outbound in maniera semplice ed efficace

…i tuoi Collaboratori

xCALLY Bar: una barra telefonica completa di tutte le operazioni Login/Out, Pause, VoIP Client, Blind e Attended Transfer, Hold, Registrazione Chiamate, Mute, Pannelli di visualizzazione chiamate in coda, stato dell’operatore e molto altro ancora…

…i Supervisor

Un pannello Web consente la configurazione delle policy di instradamento sugli operatori, l’attivazione di nuovi utenti, l’impostazione di priorità, Skill Based Routing, gestione orari, messaggi, risponditori vocali, devizioni di chiamata, attivazione DID etc…

…gli Amministratori

xCALLY comprende una potente interfaccia Web per l’organizzazione dei Report avanzati, SLA e pannelli Real Time per il controllo totale della situazione

xCALLY utilizza la tecnologia MBI (Mobile Business Intelligence) sviluppata internamente per ottimizzare la visualizzazione dei report su interfacce Mobile, come Android e iPhone

…il tuo motore di telefonia basato su Asterisk™

xCALLY è  una soluzione di CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) integrata con il più famoso sistema telefonico Open Source

…multichannel ready

xCALLY è basato sulla Tecnologia SSP (Scalable Smart Proxy): una gestione intelligente del dispatching delle informazioni voce, chat e presence provenienti da canali tradizionali e innovativi per i sistemi di call center: PSTN, SIP, Social Network quali Facebook, GTalk, Skype e altro ancora…

…IVR Drag and Drop

xCALLY è totalmente integrata con Safi System: la soluzione professionale per il Design e Debug di IVR visuali drag and drop che consente realizzazioni di semplici auto-attendant oppure complessi IVR database driven e web service oriented.

…CRM integrated

xCALLY è integrato con i CRM più utilizzati in ambito Open Source e proprietario: vTiger CRM, Sugar CRM e altri ancora…

…Service Desk integrated

xCALLY è integrabile con Zendesk, una delle soluzioni professionali più utilizzate al mondo in ambito cloud per la gestione dei Ticket

…Mobile Agent extension

xCALLY Mobile è la soluzione CTI comprensiva di barra telefonica per Android: disponibile sul Google Play market!

…Software per Call Center

xCALLY rappresenta il sistema di call center Asterisk semplice da installare, manutenere e agevole da personalizzare. E’ un software per call center che utilizza risorse harware limitate ed è indipendente dalla versione di Asterisk utilizzata!

…Digium Gateway Native integration

xCALLY è integrata nativamente con i nuovi Gateway E1/T1 di Digium per le connessioni dei vostri call center con flussi primari di qualsiasi tipologia. Ulteriori dettagli sono disponibili qui. E’ ovviamente possibile realizzare anche SIP Trunking nativi con provider VoIP che forniscono connessioni IP native SIP standard.

xCALLY Video…


Versione italiana del prodotto per call center XCALLY

versión en español – llamar software de centro de

Asterisk™ is a Digium Trademark
xCALLY™ is a Xenialab Trademark
Cally Square™ is a Xenialab Trademark


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xCALLY Plans

Choose the Monthly, Annual or Lifetime plan that best fits your Contact Centre needs.

xcally shuttle plans-10

SMS module available in addition for all plans.

Install xCALLY On Premises or on your preferred Hosting/Cloud solutions

Telco provider independent: use the carrier you prefer!

xCALLY Pricing

Perpetual, Annual or Monthly fees available.

lifetime license monthly license
xCALLY Perpetual xCALLY For Rent
Lifetime Agent License Monthly or Annual Agent License

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xCALLY overview

xCALLY CTI integration pop-ups

Cally Square Drag and Drop visual IVR

xCALLY – ZENDESK: the smart integration

xCALLY CTI Telephone bar

xCALLY Shuttle: the asterisk call center

xCALLY SugarCRM Asterisk integration CTI

xCALLY: multichannel asterisk skype call centers

xCALLY Salesforce Asterisk integration CTI

xCALLY on Prezi

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